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Pink Floyd Live at the Oakland Coliseum May 9, 1977 
3-disc 2CD/DVD set

Queen Live at Earl's Court June 6, 1977 DVD
Pink Floyd The Wall Live at Earl's Court August 9, 1980 DVD
Queen An Evening With Queen 1974-1976 2DVD set
Yes A Celebration 1969-1979 2DVD set
Genesis Six Hours Live 1972-1980 2DVD set
Jethro Tull The Minstrel Looks Back 1969-1977 2DVD set
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Styx Live and In Concert 1976-1978 2DVD set w/bonus footage
Queen Live in Houston December 11, 1977 DVD w/remastered dolby digital audio!
Genesis The Lamb Comes Alive! 1975 2DVD set - with new footage added!
Supertramp - A Rediscovery 1969 - 1979 2DVD set
The Musical Box: The Genesis Of A Tribute Band DVD
Yes  Going For The One Tour 1976-1977 Rehearsals & Concert 2DVD set
- All DVDs come in NTSC & PAL (region free) formats
Styx Live at the Capital Centre Landover, Maryland, 4/13/15 2DVD set w/bonus footage
Pink Floyd Around The World With Pink Floyd 1970-1972 2DVD set
Stray Cat Allicance - Building a No-Kill Nation One Stray At a Time
Queen Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, December 24, 1975 Christmas Eve Concert DVD
Kansas Live at the Houston Summit DVD 12/9/1980, Houston, Texas DVD
Genesis in Concert 1974 Selling England tour 2DVD set
Genesis Live at the Lyceum Theatre May 6, 1980 DVD
*This video is also available as disc 2 of the Genesis Six Hours Live 2dvd set
Boston Live at Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands June 17, 1979 DVD 
No ME-95/94 watermark/no timecode
located at East Rutherford, NJ
Pro-Shot Color & B/W video, quality B+
Audio quality - A-/LPCM Mono
Steve Hackett - Live at the Bottom Line 30th September 1980 
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Masters From The Vaults
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Genesis video
Pink Floyd video
Yes video
Styx video
Jethro Tull video
Supertramp video
Queen video
The Musical Box video
Boston video
Kansas video
ELP video
Internationales Essener Pop & Blues Festival October 11, 1969 DVD

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Choose from many hard to find classic concerts from the 70s!
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The Who video
The Who 1969 Woodstock & Isle Of Wight performances DVD
​Isle Of Wight - August 31, 1969
Pro-Shot B&W video & audio B quality
Woodstock - August 17, 1969
Pro-Shot B&W video & audio B+ quality
Genesis Wot Video? 1977 Wind & Wuthering Tour 2DVD Set
Roger Waters video
Roger Waters The Wall Live in Chicago 2010 2DVD Set
The Musical Box Live at the Montreal Spectrum 1995 DVD
The Musical Box The Lamb Lies Down On Video 2DVD Set
The Musical Box A Trick Of The Tail Tour 2DVD Set
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
Pro-Shot B&W video, quality - A, Audio quality - A/LPCM Stereo
- Recorded Live in Zurich, Switzerland, December 4, 1970
Video quality A+, Audio quality - Dolby Digital Stereo
Pressed silver disc
Internationales Essener Pop & Blues Festival October 11, 1969 DVD
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
Pro-Shot B&W video, quality - A, Audio quality - A/LPCM Stereo
JETHRO TULL - The Making Of Thick As A Brick 1972-1973 DVD
GENESIS - 1978 Mirrors Project 2DVD Set

These DVDs also make interesting and unique gifts any occasion! Especially during the holiday season! Surprise a classic prog lover with a DVD they would never have expected to see!
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Jethro Tull Live At The Capital Centre 1977 2DVD Set
November 21, 1977

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Disc one:
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Obscured By Clouds/When You're In
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Time: 52:08
Disc two: DSOTM
Speak To Me
On the Run
Great Gig In The Sky
Us And Them
Any Color You Like
Brain Damage/Eclipse
One Of These Days
Time: 52:22
PINK FLOYD - The Original 70s DSOTM Tour 2DVD Set
The very first time a full Pink Floyd DSOTM Concert from the 70S has ever been released on video
We reassembled all the known 8mm amateur footage & pro shot clips, along with footage 
from the Brighton Dome, June 28, 1972 and synced them to one audio track to reproduce 
as best as possible the actual experience of seeing a live Pink Floyd DSOTM 
 concert in the seventies

The Rest Of Our DVD Catalog!
These DVDs also make interesting and unique gifts this Christmas Season!
For USA customers only!
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For USA customers only!
Priority Shipping is available through our Shopify Store ONLY!
Featured DVD
Click to view Pink Floyd DSOTM 
Tour 2 DVD Set Trailer!
Latest Release!
Current members
Denis Gagné
François Gagnon
Sébastien Lamothe
Ian Benhamou
Bob St-Laurent

Disc One
1. Watcher Of The Skies
2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
3. The Cinema Show
4. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
5. Firth Of Fifth
6. The Musical Box
7. More Fool Me

Disc Two
7. Horizons
8. The Battle Of Epping Forest
9. Supper's Ready
10. The Knife
Finally it's here!! We've released The Musical Box The Genesis Of A Tribute Band DVD, Live At The Montreal Spectrum 1995 (Trespass Tour), A Trick Of The Tail Tour, & The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Tours DVDs. And now we've finally produced a Selling England By The Pound Tour 2DVD Set! We've covered the history of the SEBTP Tour by TMB from 2004-2017 by editing together cell phone video taken by fans across the world over a period of 13 years. Almost every Musical Box member can be seen. If this 2DVD set doesn't motivate you to go see The Musical Box if you haven't seen them already, than nothing will.
- Video is from multiple sources all over the world and ranges from very good to excellent quality! It's funny that in some of the grainier cell phone video recorded the band looks more like Genesis due to the quality of the video!
- As usual all of our concert recreation videos are professionally synced perfectly with the audio.
- Please note that we had to use a audience recorded audio since no soundboard audio of a COMPLETE Musical Box concert is in circulation at this time. 
- Audio Notes:  Very good quality audio from the crowd but there are a couple of glitches I should mention. During I Know What I LIke I had to replace part of a verse with audio from another show due to very loud static in some portions. The band has some mic issues during the vocals for The Battle Of Epping Forest. Occasionally you may hear the voice of the filmer and the sounds of him moving around but all in all it doesn't take away from the show as this is an amazing performance DVD for COLLECTORS who appreciate rare recordings. This DVD Set also is a promotional tool for hardcore fans who have not seen TMB yet or simply want to enjoy their true-to-life performances from the comfort of their own living rooms for the very first time.
- Audio for all songs (except Horizons, Supper's Ready, & The Knife) from Oslo Konserthus, March 3, 2007
- Horizons audio - Prattein, Switzerland, November 23, 2014
- Supper's Ready audio - Loreley, Germany "Night Of Prog" Festival, July 17, 2016
- The Knife - Quebec City 2007

Past members
Michel Cloutier
François Richard
Guillaume Courteau
Denis Champoux
Éric Savard
Christian Hebert
Martin Levac
Pierre Veilleux
Marc Léveillé
André Lépine
David Myers
Gregg Bendian
Marc Laflamme
Guillaume Rivard
Actual screen shots from TMB SEBTP 2DVD Set
The Musical Box - Selling England By The Years 2DVD Set
Click on camera icon to view clips of our DVDs from our YouTube Channel!
King Crimson video
King Crimson "Eras" 1969-1982 2DVD Set
All orders ship out of Bayonne, NJ, USA.
Jethro Tull 1979 North American Tour 2DVD Set 40th Anniversary Edition!