Jethro Tull The Minstrel Looks Back
1969-1977 2DVD Set

Disc 2
1 - Live at Golders Green London Hippodrome in London, February 10, 1977

1- Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day
2- Jack In The Green
3- Thick As A Brick (excerpt)
4- Songs From The Wood
5- Velvet Green
6- Hunting Girl
7- Aqualung
8- Wind Up
9- Locomotive Breath
10- Ending credits

2 - Live at the Tanglewood Music Fair, July 2, 1970
* Very good quality pro-shot video but the audio suffers an occasional drop out, mainly during the early part of My God. Those technical issues are part of the original feed and cannot be fixed on this copy.  However it does improve as the concert goes on.

1- Nothing Is Easy
2- My God
3- With You There To Help Me - Ian announces the new guy, John Evan
4- Dharma For One
5- We Used To Know - 
6- Guitar solo

Bonus footage:
 - Witch's Promise, BBC 1970

3 - The Minstrel Years 1971-1975 aka The Jeffrey Hammond - Hammond Era

Would you believe Jethro Tull NEVER professionally recorded a show from this period? This is their prime! This is the era of Aqualung, Thick As A Brick, A Passion Play, Warchild and NO professional video OR EVEN soundboard audio of these tours has surfaced to this day
They did film about an hour's worth of footage in Paris in July of 1975 but except for the clip of Minstrel in the Gallery you'll see on this DVD, the rest of this footage has yet to surface.
This portion of the DVD set does include more 8mm footage (of the Brick and Passion Play tours) than I would've liked to have included but I felt  I HAD to address this time in the band's history one way or another. I'm hoping that Tull fans will view those performances for what they are, as historical documents of a time of the band's history that otherwise would've been visually lost forever and only remembered by the souls who were there.  We are very fortunate that some fans snuck in their 8mm/Super 8 cameras. 

Life's A Long Song, promotional video from 1971

- Thick As A Brick 8mm highlights, 1972-  from Rochester, New York USA.  Only about 6 minutes worth but very intereting to see Ian answering the phone in the middle of a performance.  Is there a Mike Nelson in the audience? There seems to be a fish on the line.
- A Passion Play 8mm highlights, 1973 - Several minutes of very good quality footage from various Passon Play shows in 1973.  All different parts of the album are shown particularly the Overseer Overture section.
- The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles, 1973 - he original film that was shown at the concerts the Passion Play tour.  Excellent quality!
- The Minstrel in the Gallery, Paris 1975 - about an hour and 10 minutes of footage was shot during November 1975.  This is all that has surfaced

4 - A Little More Music...
5 hard-to-find promotional videos to Wind things Up.
- Teacher
- Witch's Promise
Both of the above are promotional videos made for French Television in 1970
- Too Old To Rock n Roll, To Young To Die, 1980
- Living in the Past, footage from 1976 mixed in with current footage

Total Time Disc 2, 2 hours 22 minutes
Disc 1
1 - Live in Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida USA - July 31, 1976.

1- Thick as a Brick (excerpt) - 
2- Wond'ring Aloud
3- Crazed Institution
4- Instrumental/drum solo
5- To Cry You A Song
6- A New Day Yesterday
7- Flute solo
8- Living in the Past/Brick instrumental/A New Day Yesterday reprise
9- Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll Too Young to Die
10- Mintrel in the Gallery
11- Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (excerpt)
2 - Beat Club, German TV, 1970
- With You There to Help Me/By Kind Permission of - jam
- Nothing is Easy

Bonus footage:
 - Live at the Fillmore East, For at Thousand Mothers, 1970

3 -  Swedish TV, 1969 Jan 9, 1969
- To Be Sad is a Mad Way to Be
- Back To The Family

Bonus footage:
 - Bouree, promotional video 1969
- A Song For Jeffrey, Johnny Halliday Show, April 15, 1969
Total Time Disc 1, 1 hour 32 minutes
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