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Rock & Roll Band
Help Me (Shattered Images)
Piece Of Mind
Feelin' Satisfied
Don't Look Back
The Journey
More Than A Feeling/Instrumental
A Man I'll Never Be
Tom Scholz Guitar Solo
This Time
Something About You
Boston Live at Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands June 17, 1979 DVD 
No ME-95/94 watermark/no timecode
East Rutherford, NJ, Pro-Shot Color & B/W video, quality B+
Audio quality - A-/LPCM Mono
Internationales Essener Pop & Blues Festival October 11, 1969 DVD
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany

Part 1:
- Taste (I Feel So Good)
- Deep Purple (Wring That Neck)
- Keef Hartley Blues Band (Sinnin’ for You)
- The Nice (Hang On to a Dream)
- Pink Floyd (Careful with That Axe Eugene)
- Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (Down, Down and Down)
- The Nice (Country Pie.)

Part 2:
- Deep Purple (Mandrake Root part 2)
- Keef Hartley Blues Band (Rock Me Baby)
- The Nice (Rondo)
- Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (Let It Ride)
- Deep Purple (Mandrake Root part 1)
- Pink Floyd (A Saucerful of Secrets)  
Belgian TV - March 20th, 1972
~ The Fountain Of Salmacis 
~ Twilight Alehouse
~ The Musical Box
~ The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Total time: 29:21

Pop Deux TV Programm recorded at Bataclan, France - January 10, 1973
~ The Musical Box (in progress)
~ Interview
~ Supper's Ready (edited)
~ Interview
~ The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (edited)
~ The Knife (second half)
Total time: 33:52

Shepperton, England - October 30-31, 1973
~ Intro/Watcher Of The Skies
~ Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
~ I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ The Musical Box
~ Supper's Ready
Total time: 1:00:54

In Concert 1976
~ Intro/I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ Fly On A Windshield
~ The Carpet Crawlers
~ The Cinema Show (pt. 2)
~ Entangled
~ Supper's Ready (pt. 2)
~ Los Endos
Total time: 42:37

(Seconds Out promo film) March 19, 1977
~ Firth Of Fifth
~ Dance On A Volcano/Drum duet/Los Endos
~ The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/The Musical Box (second half)
Total time: 27:32
Lyceum Theatre, London - May 6-7, 1980
~ Deep In The Motherlode
~ Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (intro)
~ The Carpet Crawlers
~ Squonk
~ One For The Vine
~ Behind The Lines/Duchess/Guide Vocal
~ Turn It On Again
~ Dukes' Travels/Dukes' End
~ Say It's Allright Joe
~ The Lady Lies
~ Phil talking/Ripples (second half)
~ In The Cage/Colony Of Slippermen (instrumental)
~ Afterglow
~ Follow You Follow Me
~ Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos
~ I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ The Knife (first half)
Total time: 2:14:58
Montreal University Sports Centre - 
April 21, 1974
fan shot 8mm footage
~ Watcher Of The Skies
~ Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
~ The Cinema Show 
~ I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ Firth Of Fifth
~ The Battle Of Epping Forest
~ The Musical Box (second half)
~ Supper's Ready (edit)
Total time: 1:02:11
Disc One
1 - Live in Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida USA - July 31, 1976.
1- Thick as a Brick (excerpt) - 
2- Wond'ring Aloud
3- Crazed Institution
4- Instrumental/drum solo
5- To Cry You A Song
6- A New Day Yesterday
7- Flute solo
8- Living in the Past/Brick instrumental/A New Day Yesterday reprise
9- Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll Too Young to Die
10- Mintrel in the Gallery
11- Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (excerpt)

2 - Beat Club, German TV, 1970
- With You There to Help Me/By Kind Permission of - jam
- Nothing is Easy
Bonus footage:
 - Live at the Fillmore East, For at Thousand Mothers, 1970
3 -  Swedish TV, 1969 Jan 9, 1969
- To Be Sad is a Mad Way to Be
- Back To The Family
Bonus footage:
 - Bouree, promotional video 1969
- A Song For Jeffrey, Johnny Halliday Show, April 15, 1969
Total Time DISC ONE 1:32
Jethro Tull
The Minstrel Looks Back 
2-DVD set
1 - Live at Golders Green London Hippodrome
London, February 10, 1977
1- Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day
2- Jack In The Green
3- Thick As A Brick (excerpt)
4- Songs From The Wood
5- Velvet Green
6- Hunting Girl
7- Aqualung
8- Wind Up
9- Locomotive Breath
10- Ending credits
2 - Live at the Tanglewood Music Fair
July 2, 1970
1- Nothing Is Easy
2- My God
3- With You There To Help Me 
*Ian announces the new guy, John Evan
4- Dharma For One
5- We Used To Know - 
6- Guitar solo
Bonus footage:
 - Witch's Promise, BBC 1970

3 - The Minstrel Years 1971-1975 / The Jeffrey Hammond Era
- Life's A Long Song, promotional video from 1971
- Thick As A Brick 8mm highlights, 1972
- A Passion Play 8mm highlights, 1973 
- The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles, 1973 - he original film that was shown at the concerts the Passion Play tour. 
- The Minstrel in the Gallery, Paris 1975 
4 - A Little More Music...
5 hard-to-find promotional videos to Wind things Up.
- Teacher
- Witch's Promise
Both of the above are promotional videos made for French Television in 1970
- Too Old To Rock n Roll, To Young To Die, 1980
- Living in the Past, footage from 1976 mixed in with current footage
Total Time DISC TWO 2:22
Going For The One Sessions, Montreux, Switzerland, 1976
1 - Jam Session 
2 - Awaken/Steve jam/Rick follies
3 - Awaken #2
4 - Turn of the Century
5 - Guitar tech rehearsing Awaken
6 - Tour Meeting
7 - Parallels various takes
8 - Positively 4th St/Knockin On Heaven's Door/Bye, Bye Love - Steve/Chris
9 - Going For The One #1
10 - Vevey - Jon/Rick
11 - Alan/Chris jam session
12 - Steve Howe jam session
13 - Masquerade Improv
14 - Wonderous Stories
15 - Going For The One #2
16 - Awaken #3
17 - Parallels instrumental final take

running time approx: 2 hours
Going For The One
1976-1977 Rehearsals & Concert 
2DVD set
Recorded at the Apollo Theatre November 8th, 1977
Audience source video
1 - Firebird Suite
2 - Parallels
3 - I've Seen All Good People
4 - Close To The Edge
5 - Wonderous Stories
6 - Colours Of The Rainbow
7 - Turn Of The Century
8 - Tour Song (It's Good To Be In Scotland)
9 - And You And I
10 - Rick's Trick
11 - Going For The One
12 - Flight Jam
13 - Awaken (cut off at end)

running time approx: 2 hours
In Concert 1974 Selling England tour 
2DVD set
1. CHOM-FM Radio Intro/
Watcher Of The Skies 
2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
3. The Cinema Show
4. I Know What I Like 
5. Firth Of Fifth 
6. The Musical Box
1. Torino, Italy - Feb. 3, 1974 - 7:32
2. Rome, Italy - Feb 5, 1974  - 7:39
3. Rochester, NY - April 22, 1974 - 7:34
4. Academy Of Music - May 6, 1974 - 7:34

1. More Fool Me
2. The Battle Of Epping Forest 
3. Supper's Ready
4. CHOM-FM Radio Sign Off
Bonus Footage
Wollman Memorial Skating Rink
Central Park, NYC, June 25, 1973
1. Easy Money
2. Easy Money Jam Session  
3. Closing Credits/Larks Tongue In Aspic pt. 2
Time: 13:27
Montreal Forum
May 5, 1973
1. 21st Century Schizoid Man (including never before seen footage from 1974)
Time: 4:43

Robert Fripp:Guitar, Mellotron
John Wetton:Bass, Vocals
David Cross:Violin, Viola, Keyboards
Bill Bruford:Drums, Percussion 
Hyde Park
London, England
July 5, 1969
1. 21st Century Schizoid Man

 Robert Fripp - guitar
 Greg Lake - bass guitar, vocals
 Ian McDonald - saxophone, flute, Mellotron
 Michael Giles - drums, percussion, vocals
 Peter Sinfield - lyrics and illumination
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Genesis - Columbus, Ohio 
October 10, 1978
MP4 file 
11th Earl of Mar
In the Cage
Burning Rope
Deep in the Motherlode
One for the Vine
Say It's Alright Joe
The Lady Lies
Cinema Show
Follow You Follow Me
Dance on a Volcano
Drum Duet
Los Endos
I Know What I Like
Time - 55:19
Wot Video? 1977 Wind & Wuthering Tour 2DVD Set

1) Rainbow Theatre Jan. 1, 1977 7:43 - uncirculated low gen version
1. Eleventh Earl Of Mar 2. One For The Vine 3. Your Own Special Way
2) Dallas, Texas March 2, 1977 27:36 (uncirculated version)
1. Firth Of Fifth
2. Dance On A Volcano
3. drum duet
4. Los Endos
5. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Musical Box closing section
3) Chester Thompson/Phil Collins Interview 4:20 - Toronto March 6, 1977
4) Los Angeles Forum March 24, 1977 6:55
A low gen uncirculated, very nice, hard to find piece of history on film. Decent quality.
Parts of Squonk, One For The Vine, Firth Of Fifth,
Robbery, Assault & Battery, In That Quiet Earth,  
Eleventh Earl Of Mar, Supper’s Ready, Dance On A Volcano

5) Mike Douglas Show, March 29, 1977 8:25 - uncirculated version with digitally enhanced audio and timecode
1. Your Own Special Way 2. Afterglow
6) Sao Paulo, Brazil May 21, 1977 2:14
What appears to be footage taken from local news crew located in the pit. Good quality and another nice historical document of this tour.
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
7) Isstadion Stockholm, Sweden June 4, 1977 7:27
A very, very good quality film shot with a Chinon Super8mm camera with some very good audio & video remastering. 
Parts of Squonk, One For The Vine, & Firth Of Fifth
8) Earls Court, London, June 25, 1977 16:42
*Digitally enhanced w/new FM broadcast audio. This is pretty well known bootleg footage and also infamous for it's awfully bad video & horrible audio quality. I've digitally enhanced the video with Final Cut Pro and while you can't do too much with this without the the original reels at least there is now more disparity between blacks and mid colors resulting in an improved image.
Parts of One For The Vine, Firth Of Fifth, In That Quiet Earth,
Afterglow, I Know What I Like, Supper’s Ready
Dance On A Volcano, Los Endos
Tommygun's original production of a 1977 Wind and Wuthering concert tour highlight film!

Setlist includes highlights from:
1. Squonk
2. One For The Vine
3. Robbery, Assault, & Battery
4. Your Own Special Way
5. Firth Of Fifth
6. In That Quiet Earth
7. Afterglow
8, I Know What I Like
9. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
10. All In A Mouses Night
11. Supper’s Ready
12. Dance On A Volcano
13. drum duet
14. Los Endos
15. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/
The Musical Box closing section

Total running time 65:33
Pink Floyd 
1972-1973 Dark Side Of The Moon Tour
The Musical Box 
A Trick Of The Tail Tour 2DVD Set 
audience source video
Dance on a Volcano
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Fly on a Windshield
The Carpet Crawlers
The Story of Romeo & Juliet
The Cinema Show
The Story of Harry
Robbery, Assault & Battery
White Mountain
Firth of Fifth
Time 1:02

Supper' Ready
I Know What I Like
Los Endos
Watcher of the Skies
Time  53:00
The Who, The Festivals 1969 
Complete Woodstock & Isle Of Wight performances 
Woodstock, August 17, 1969
  Heaven and Hell
  I Can't Explain
  It's a Boy
  Amazing Journey
  Eyesight to the Blind
  Acid Queen - clip
  Pinball Wizard
  The Abbie Hoffman Incident
  Do You Think It's Alright?
  Fiddle About
  There's a Doctor
  Go to the Mirror
  Smash the Mirror
  I'm Free
  Tommy's Holiday Camp
  We're Not Gonna Take It
  See Me, Feel Me
  Summertime Blues
  My Generation
  Naked Eye

The Isle Of Wight August 30, 1969
Heaven and Hell
I Can't Explain
Fortune Teller
Young Man Blues
It's A Boy
Amazing Journey
Eyesight To The Blind
The Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Do You Think It's Alright?
Fiddle About
There's A Doctor
Go To The Mirror
Smash The Mirror
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
Shakin' All Over​
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Masters From The Vaults
Recorded Live in Zurich, Switzerland
December 4, 1970
PAL DVD Download
1 Barbarian
2 Rondo / Bach Improvisations
3 Drum Solo
4 Nut Rocker
5 Take a Pebble
6 Knife Edge
01 Introduction
02 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
03 Fly on a Windshield
04 Broadway Melody of 74
05 Cuckoo Cocoon
06 In the Cage
07 The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
08 The Story Of Rael part one
09 Back in NYC
10 Hairless Heart
11 Counting out Time
12 Carpet Crawlers
13 The Chamber of 32 Doors

The Musical Box 
The Lamb Lies Down on Video 
2DVD Set 
01 The Story Of Rael part two
02 Lillywhite Lillith
03 The Waiting Room
04 Anyway
05 Here comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist
06 The Lamia
07 Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
08 The Colony of Slippermen
09 Ravine
10 The Light dies down on Broadway
11 Riding the Scree
12 In the Rapids
13 It

14 -the story of Henry and Cynthia
15 The Musical Box
16 Watcher of the Skies
January 28, 1978
Grand Illusion Tour DVD 
Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
Live at Earl's Court 
June 6, 1977 

Intro - Procession 
Tie Your Mother Down 
Ogre Battle 
White Queen (As It Began) 
Somebody To Love
Killer Queen 
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 
The Millionaire Waltz 
You're My Best Friend 
Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Death On Two Legs 
Doing Alright 
Brighton Rock
Time 62.46
You Take My Breath Away 
White Man / The Prophet's Song 
Bohemian Rhapsody 
Keep Yourself Alive 
Stone Cold Crazy 
In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited 
Now I'm Here 

Rock n Roll medley
Lucille / Jailhouse Rock / Saturday Night's Allright For Fighting / Stupid Cupid
Time: 55,46 
Live At The Houston Summit
December 11, 1977
1. We Will Rock You (slow)
2. A Day At The Races (intro)
3. We Will Rock You (fast)
4. Brighton Rock
5. Somebody To Love
6. Death On Two Legs
7. Killer Queen
8. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
9. I'm In Love With My Car
10. Get Down Make Love
11. The Millionaire Waltz
12. You're My Best Friend
13. Liar
14. Love Of My Life
15. '39
16. My Melancholy Blues
17. White Man
18. The Prophet's Song
19. Guitar Solo
20. Now I'm Here
21. Stone Cold Crazy
22. Bohemian Rhapsody
23. Keep Yourself Alive
24. Tie Your Mother Down
25. We Will Rock You
26. We Are The Champions
27. Sheer Heart Attack
28. Jailhouse Rock
29. God Save The Queen
Rainbow Theatre
November 20 & 21, 1974 

Queen & Paul Rodgers
South Africa
February 19, 2005

Queen Return To Monarchy DVD
Rainbow Theatre Nov. 20 & 21. 1974 
Queen & Paul Rodgers, South Africa Feb. 19, 2005
In The Flesh?
The Thin Ice
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
What Shall We Do Now
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Don't Leave Me Now
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3)
The Last Few Bricks
Goodbye Cruel World
PART TWO: Approx. 53 mins

Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Bring The Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
The Show Must Go On
In The Flesh
Run Like Hell
Waiting For The Worms
The Trial
Outside the Wall

United Center, Sept. 20 & 21 2010
SUPERTRAMP - Queen Mary College 1977
London, Queen Mary College, 10 Nov77

(a) RFM TV broadcast ("classic" Rock Masters version):
1. Give A Little Bit
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Lady
4. From Now On
5. Babaji
6. Poor Boy
7. Dreamer
8. Another Man's Woman

(b) BBC4 10Nov06 broadcast:
1. Give A Little Bit
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Dreamer
4. Another Man's Woman
5. Hide In Your Shell
Length: 47 minutes (a) / 29 minutes (b)

Capital Theater Dec. 10, 1976
Don Kirschner's Rock Concert March 29, 1975
Rush At the Capital Theater 
December 10,1976

Bastille Day 
Lakeside Park 
Fly By Night
In The Mood
Time 40:03
Don Kirschner's Rock Concert
March 29,1975

Best I Can
In The Mood
Finding My Way

Time 10:47
Geddy Lee interview
City Sonic 

Director: Bruce McDonald, 2009
In June 1976, Rush ended their 2112 tour with three sold-out concerts at Massey Hall, an historic event at an historic venue. These shows were recorded for the double-live album All the World is a Stage an album that broke the band in the U.S., becoming their first Top 40 Billboard hit and paving the way for a string of famous Rush live albums. It was a first for Rush, but not the first time singer/bassist Geddy Lee felt magic on the stage at Massey. Geddy takes us on a tour inside the legendary concert hall and back to the 1970s to reminisce on how getting to watch Cream and Genesis rock Massey Hall as a star-struck teen set the stage for him to make rock music history there himself.

Time 4:54

Disc One
Disc One
1 Intro
2 Eleventh Earl Of Mar
3 In The Cage
4 Burning Rope
5 Ripples
6 Deep In The Motherlode
7 One For The Vine
8 Squonk

Disc Two
9 Phil Talking
10 Say It's Alright Joe
11 The Lady Lies
12 The Cinema Show/In That Quiet Earth
13 Afterglow
14 Follow You, Follow Me
15 Dance On A Volcano
16 Drum Duet
17 Los Endos
18 1 I Know What I Like

The Lamb Comes Alive! 1975 2DVD set 
- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
- Fly On A Windshield
- Broadway Melody Of 1974
- Cuckoo Cocoon
- In The Cage
- The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
- Back In NYC
- Hairless Heart
- Counting Out Time
- Carpet Crawlers
- The Chamber Of 32 Doors
- Rael Speaks
- Lilywhite Lilith
- The Waiting Room
- Anyway
- Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
- The Lamia
- Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
- The Colony Of Slippermen
- Ravine
- The Light Dies Down On Broadway
- Riding The Scree
- In The Rapids
- It
- The Musical Box (2nd half w/closing credits)
The Making Of Thick As A Brick DVD
The Making Of Thick As A Brick - 37:00
Includes commentary from Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, Martin Barre, & Ian Anderson.
Also for the very first time on video in any format this DVD includes the very first attempt at recreating a full Thick As A Brick concert from 1972/73 tour!
Cincinnati, Ohio May 9, 1972 - 7:40
Buffalo & Rochester, NY - October 13-14, 1972 - 6:33
Ian Anderson interview - Australian TV, 1972 - 7:59
Bologna, Italy, Palaspart March 19, 1973 - 9:11
Childhood Heroes - 1973 - 5:35
Passion Play/TAAB - Rochester, NY & Toronto, Canada 1973 - 8:52

About 15 minutes of menu music audio from a very rare Thick As A Brick concert at The Los Angeles Forum, June 23, 1972
Disc On
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Obscured By Clouds/When You're In
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Time: 52:08
Disc Two
Speak To Me
On the Run
Great Gig In The Sky
Us And Them
Any Color You Like
Brain Damage/Eclipse
One Of These Days
Time: 52:22
A Reconstructed Concert Film
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Genesis Video
Disc One
Disc Two
May 6 & 7, 1980
*This is also available as it's own DVD w/own artwork
1978 Mirrors Project 
2DVD Set
This is an MP4 file not a DVD file
Jethro Tull Video
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Six Hours Live 1972-1980  2-DVD Set
Disc Two
Disc One
Disc One
Disc Two
Queen Video 
Disc Two
Disc Two
Roger Waters Video
Disc One
Disc Two
Rush Video
Styx Video
Disc Two January 28, 1978
1. The Grand Illusion
2. Lorelei
3. Mademoiselle
4. Fooling Yourself
5. Suite Madame Blue
6. Crystal Ball
7. Light Up
8. Lady
9. Man In The Wilderness
10. Come Sail Away
11. Midnight Ride
12. Miss America
13. Born For Adventure
Total time - 1 HR 28 min.
Supertramp Video
The Musical Box Video
Genesis Tribute Band
Disc One
Disc Two
King Crimson Video
The Who Video
Yes Video
Disc One
Disc Two
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Disc One
Disc Two