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Pink Floyd, Live at the Oakland Coliseum, May 9, 1977 3-disc 2CD/DVD set
Audio quality - A+
~~~~~Bonus Footage~~~~~
Sounding Out TV
The live footage was filmed at the Hemel Hempstead Pavilion on 3 October 1971.- 24 min. approx
- consist of band interviews along with excerpts of Yes performing Long Distance Runaround, Your Move, Perpetual Change, The Fish, Mood For a Day, Yours Is No Disgrace

Belgian TV - March 20th, 1972
~ The Fountain Of Salmacis 
~ Twilight Alehouse
~ The Musical Box
~ The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Total time: 29:21

Pop Deux TV Programm recorded at Bataclan, France - January 10, 1973
~ The Musical Box (in progress)
~ Interview
~ Supper's Ready (edited)
~ Interview
~ The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (edited)
~ The Knife (second half)
Total time: 33:52

Shepperton, England - October 30-31, 1973
~ Intro/Watcher Of The Skies
~ Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
~ I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ The Musical Box
~ Supper's Ready
Total time: 1:00:54

In Concert 1976
~ Intro/I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ Fly On A Windshield
~ The Carpet Crawlers
~ The Cinema Show (pt. 2)
~ Entangled
~ Supper's Ready (pt. 2)
~ Los Endos
Total time: 42:37

(Seconds Out promo film) March 19, 1977
~ Firth Of Fifth
~ Dance On A Volcano/Drum duet/Los Endos
~ The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/The Musical Box (second half)
Total time: 27:32
Lyceum Theatre, London - May 6-7, 1980
~ Deep In The Motherlode
~ Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (intro)
~ The Carpet Crawlers
~ Squonk
~ One For The Vine
~ Behind The Lines/Duchess/Guide Vocal
~ Turn It On Again
~ Dukes' Travels/Dukes' End
~ Say It's Allright Joe
~ The Lady Lies
~ Phil talking/Ripples (second half)
~ In The Cage/Colony Of Slippermen (instrumental)
~ Afterglow
~ Follow You Follow Me
~ Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos
~ I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ The Knife (first half)
Total time: 2:14:58
The One that started it all!
This is a specially produced 2-DVD package that features almost 6 and 1/2 hours of vintage, rare video footage of Genesis live in the 70s. 
The quality of the video & audio is outstanding and absolute essential viewing for any fan of Genesis' progressive years
Disc 2
1 - Live at Golders Green London Hippodrome in London, February 10, 1977

1- Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day
2- Jack In The Green
3- Thick As A Brick (excerpt)
4- Songs From The Wood
5- Velvet Green
6- Hunting Girl
7- Aqualung
8- Wind Up
9- Locomotive Breath
10- Ending credits

2 - Live at the Tanglewood Music Fair, July 2, 1970
* Very good quality pro-shot video but it's the audio that sometimes has issues and drop outs, mainly during the early part of My God. Those technical issues are part of the original feed and cannot be fixed by me.  However it does improve as the concert goes on.

1- Nothing Is Easy
2- My God
3- With You There To Help Me - Ian announces the new guy, John Evan
4- Dharma For One
5- We Used To Know - 
6- Guitar solo

Bonus footage:
 - Witch's Promise, BBC 1970

3 - The Minstrel Years 1971-1975 aka The Jeffrey Hammond - Hammond Era

Would you believe Jethro Tull NEVER professionally recorded a show from this period? This is their prime! This is the era of Aqualung, Thick As A Brick, A Passion Play, Warchild and NO professional video OR EVEN soundboard audio of these tours exists to this day
They did film about an hour's worth of footage in Paris in July of 1975 but except for the clip of Minstrel in the Gallery you'll see on this DVD, the rest of this footage has yet to surface.
This portion of the DVD set does include more 8mm footage (of the Brick and Passion Play tours) than I would've liked to have included but I felt  I HAD to address this time in the band's history one way or another. I'm hoping that Tull fans will view those performances for what they are, as historical documents of a time of the band's history that otherwise would've been visually lost forever and only remembered by the souls who were there.  We are very fortunate that some fans snuck in their 8mm home cameras. 

Life's A Long Song, promotional video from 1971

- Thick As A Brick 8mm highlights, 1972-  from Rochester, New York USA.  Only about 6 minutes worth but very intereting to see Ian answering the phone in the middle of a performance.  Is there a Mike Nelson in the audience? There seems to be a fish on the line.
- A Passion Play 8mm highlights, 1973 - Several minutes of very good quality footage from various Passon Play shows in 1973.  All different parts of the album are shown particularly the Overseer Overture section.
- The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles, 1973 - he original film that was shown at the concerts the Passion Play tour.  Excellent quality!
- The Minstrel in the Gallery, Paris 1975 - about an hour and 10 minutes of footage was shot during November 1975.  This is all that has surfaced

4 - A Little More Music...
5 hard-to-find promotional videos to Wind things Up.
- Teacher
- Witch's Promise
Both of the above are promotional videos made for French Television in 1970
- Too Old To Rock n Roll, To Young To Die, 1980
- Living in the Past, footage from 1976 mixed in with current footage

Total Time Disc 1, 1:32
Total Time Disc 2, 2:22
Disc 1
1 - Live in Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida USA - July 31, 1976.

1- Thick as a Brick (excerpt) - 
2- Wond'ring Aloud
3- Crazed Institution
4- Instrumental/drum solo
5- To Cry You A Song
6- A New Day Yesterday
7- Flute solo
8- Living in the Past/Brick instrumental/A New Day Yesterday reprise
9- Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll Too Young to Die
10- Mintrel in the Gallery
11- Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (excerpt)

2 - Beat Club, German TV, 1970
- With You There to Help Me/By Kind Permission of - jam
- Nothing is Easy

Bonus footage:
 - Live at the Fillmore East, For at Thousand Mothers, 1970
3 -  Swedish TV, 1969 Jan 9, 1969
- To Be Sad is a Mad Way to Be
- Back To The Family

Bonus footage:
 - Bouree, promotional video 1969
- A Song For Jeffrey, Johnny Halliday Show, April 15, 1969
Montreal University Sports Centre - 
April 21, 1974
fan shot 8mm footage
~ Watcher Of The Skies
~ Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
~ The Cinema Show 
~ I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
~ Firth Of Fifth
~ The Battle Of Epping Forest
~ The Musical Box (second half)
~ Supper's Ready (edit)
Total time: 1:02:11
Genesis Six Hours Live 1972-1980 2DVD Set

Jethro Tull The Minstrel Looks Back 1969-1977 2-DVD set
Yes A Celebration 1969-1979 2-DVD set
Disc One

Your Move/I’ve Seen All Good People
(Sounding Out/Musikladen 1971)

Live at Queens Park Rangers Stadium, 
May 10, 1975
Act I
Introduction - Firebird Suite Finale
Sound Chaser
Close To The Edge
To Be Over

Act II
The Gates Of Delirium
Your Move
Mood For a Day - featuring Steve Howe
Long Distance Runaround (acoustic first part)
Cachaca - featuring Patrick Moraz

Musikladen 1969-1971
No Opportunity Necessary/No Experience Needed
Yours Is No Disgrace

Disc Two

Live at Queens Park Rangers Stadium
May 10, 1975
Final Act 
And You & I
Sweet Dreams
Yours Is No Disgrace

Remembrance - 9 rarely Yes videos

Beyond and Before - France Fest 1969
Astral Traveler - promo 1969 Time and a Word
Everydays - promo 1969 Time and a Word
Then - promo 1969 Time and a Word
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed 
promo 1969 Time and a Word
Starship Trooper - Live in Philadelphia, 1979
Don’t Kill the Whale - promo 1979
Madrigal - promo 1979
Wonderous Stories - promo 1977
Disc One
Live at The Rainbow November 1974
quality A+

Now I'm Here
Ogre Battle
White Queen (As It Began)

In The Lap Of The Gods
Killer Queen
The March Of The Black Queen
Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Son And Daughter
Guitar solo
Father To Son (cut)
Keep Yourself Alive (cut)
Liar (cut)
Son & Daughter reprise
Stone Cold Crazy
In The Lap of the Gods... revisited
Jailhouse Rock (cut)
God Save The Queen

Disc Two
Live at Hyde Park in London, 
Sept. 18, 1976
quality - B

Tie Your Mother Down
(intro only)
Bohemian Rhapsody
(bridge only)
Ogre Battle
Sweet Lady 
White Queen
Flick Of The Wrist

You're My Best Friend
Bohemian Rhapsody
Killer Queen
March Of The Black Queen
Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Brighton Rock/Son & Daughter
Take My Breath Away
The Prophet's Song
Stone Cold Crazy
Keep Yourself Alive
In The Lap Of The Gods(revisited)

~~~Bonus Footage~~~
After Hours
Several promos from the early days
- Liar
- Keep Yourself Alive
- Killer Queen
- Seven Seas of Rhye
- You're My Best Friend
- Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen An Evening With Queen 1974-1976 2-DVD set
Brighton Rock
Son And Daughter reprise
Keep Yourself Alive 
In The Lap Of The Gods... revisited

Big Spender
Jailhouse Rock
Stupid Cupid
Be Bop A Lula
Jailhouse Rock reprise 
(w/ Shake Rattle & Roll)
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 
December 25, 1975
Japanese "Rock Masters" TV show
quality - A

Now I'm Here
Ogre Battle
White Queen (As It Began)

Bohemian Rhapsody
Killer Queen
March Of The Black Queen
Bohemian Rhapsody reprise
Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Queen Live at Earl's Court June 6, 1977 DVD
This concert captures Queen during their peak years!  While they were still the rocking band we all loved in the early 70s, their setlist was becoming more eclectic. 'Ye Merry 'Ol England ditties' such as Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy and The Millionaire Waltz  were being played for the first time as well new heavies such as Death on 2 Legs and White Man.  Doing Alright (from their first album) was even being reintroduced. WHAT A SETLIST! The quality of the video and audio is OUTSTANDING!  Crank up the home theater system.

Intro - Procession 
Tie Your Mother Down 
Ogre Battle 
White Queen (As It Began) 
Somebody To Love
Killer Queen 
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 
The Millionaire Waltz 
You're My Best Friend 
Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Death On Two Legs 
Doing Alright 
Brighton Rock
Time 62.46
You Take My Breath Away 
White Man / The Prophet's Song 
Bohemian Rhapsody 
Keep Yourself Alive 
Stone Cold Crazy 
In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited 
Now I'm Here 
Rock n Roll medley
Lucille / Jailhouse Rock / Saturday Night's Allright For Fighting / Stupid Cupid
Time: 55,46 
Click on  camera icon

to view clips!
Pink Floyd The Wall Live at Earl's Court August 9, 1980 DVD
Pink Floyd's live rendition of "The Wall" performed throughout 1980 and 1981 ranks as some of the most spectacular shows ever to be performed in front of an audience. The initial intent of director Alan Parker and Pink Floyd along with Illustrator Gerald Scarfe was to include live footage of "The Wall" shows into the movie version of "The Wall" and some shows were filmed for that specific purpose.
But after several screen tests, Roger Waters was removed from the starring role and was replaced with the punk musician Bob Geldof.

Since Waters was no longer in the starring role, it no longer made sense for the feature to include Pink Floyd footage, so the live film aspect was dropped.  The footage culled from the five Wall concerts at Earl's Court from 13-17 June 1981 that were held specifically for filming was deemed unusable also for technical reasons as the fast Panavision lenses needed for the low light levels turned out to have insufficient resolution for the movie screen.
And until something  like this is released officially (if ever). We hope you enjoy this concert for it's historic value since we at Tommygun Video figure 30 years is long enough to wait.

Master Of Ceremonies
In The Flesh
Thin Ice
Another Brick In THe Wall, Pt 1
Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In THe Wall, Pt 2
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
What Shall We Do Now?
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Don't Leave Me Now
Another Brick In The Wall, Pt 3
Last Few Bricks
Goodbye Cruel World

Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Bring The Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
The Show Must Go On
Master Of Ceremonies
In The Flesh
Run Like Hell
Waiting For The Worms
The Trial
Outside The Wall
The Musical Box The Genesis Of A Tribute Band DVD
Since 1993 The Musical Box has undertaken the task of recreating Genesis shows as originally presented between 1973 and 1975 by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Michael Rutherford. This documentary displays the meticulous attention to detail involved in recreating those concerts.

The Musical Box has remained as faithful to the original as possible in order to give the audience the illusion of being at an actual Genesis concert. This DVD contains complete song performances and many excerpts from the Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound and The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway concerts as restaged by The Musical Box.

*Bonus footage include extremely rare performances of the Nursery Cryme tour as re-created to perfectin by The Musical Box
From Genesis to Re-Creation
Introduction to Foxtrot tour
Get 'em Out By Friday
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

Introduction to Selling England By The Pound tour
Watcher Of The Skies
Firth Of Fifth
The Musical Box

Introduction to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway tour
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Back in NYC
The Carpet Crawlers
It - closing credits

Bonus footage from the Nursery Cryme tour:as peformed by the Musical Box at the Montreal Spectrum 9.7.95

Slideshow featuring Genesis history from 1972 - 1975
Running time for DVD is approximately 2 hours
Disc One - April 26, 1976
1. Born For Adventure
2. 22 Years
3. Lorelei
4. You Need Love
5. Suite Madame Bleu
6. Lady
7. Midnight Ride
8. Light Up

Total time - 50:31
Disc Two -  January 28, 1978
1. The Grand Illusion
2. Lorelei
3. Mademoiselle
4. Fooling Yourself
5. Suite Madame Blue
6. Crystal Ball
7. Light Up
8. Lady
9. Man In The Wilderness
10. Come Sail Away
11. Midnight Ride
12. Miss America
13. Born For Adventure

Total time - 1 HR 28 min.
bonus footage includes:
rare clip of Styx performing 
The Best ThIng live in 1972
bonus footage includes:
promotional videos ofor:
Come Sail Away
Fooling Yourself
Miss America

Pro-Shot VG quality, Dolby Digital  audio
1. We Will Rock You (slow)
2. A Day At The Races (intro)
3. We Will Rock You (fast)
4. Brighton Rock
5. Somebody To Love
6. Death On Two Legs
7. Killer Queen
8. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
9. I'm In Love With My Car
10. Get Down Make Love
11. The Millionaire Waltz
12. You're My Best Friend
13. Liar
14. Love Of My Life
15. '39
The soundtrack and video from Queen’s 1977 Houston show is one of 2005’s greatest discoveries. This has been one of the holy grails of Queen collection and to have both complete and in excellent quality is a minor miracle.
An absolute MUST have for any fan of 70s era Queen

Pro-Shot, SBD PCM audio
Recorded live at the Montreal Spectrum September 7, 1995

This is a pro-shot video of a fairly early Musical Box gig. 
This is a Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot show, and it really is two distinct sets representing those two different Genesis tours. For the first show, the stage is very bare with a black background and Peter appears in a black outfit with a shiny decorative band draped over his shoulders and chest

This video also features a lot of rare songs which I had never heard the Musical Box play (and were barely ever played live by the original band themselves)
** It should be noted that some songs such as The Fountain Of Salmacis & Supper's Ready have very slight edits in them virtually still remaining in tact and a couple of the song stories are joined in progress.
(Nursery Cryme show) 
1. Harlequin
2. Stagnation
3. The Fountain of Salmacis
4. Twilight Alehouse
5. Seven Stones
6. The Musical Box

(Foxtrot show) 
7. Watcher of the Skies
8. Can-Utility and the Coastliners
9. Get 'em Out by Friday
10. Supper's Ready (slightly edited)
11. The Return of the Giant Hogweed
12. The Knife 
16. My Melancholy Blues
17. White Man
18. The Prophet's Song
19. Guitar Solo
20. Now I'm Here
21. Stone Cold Crazy
22. Bohemian Rhapsody
23. Keep Yourself Alive
24. Tie Your Mother Down
25. We Will Rock You
26. We Are The Champions
27. Sheer Heart Attack
28. Jailhouse Rock
29. God Save The Queen
Disc Two 
- Can also be purchased as it's own DVD!
Disc One
Genesis The Lamb Comes Alive! 1975 2DVD set 
- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
- Fly On A Windshield
- Broadway Melody Of 1974
- Cuckoo Cocoon
- In The Cage
- The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
- Back In NYC
- Hairless Heart
- Counting Out Time
- Carpet Crawlers
- The Chamber Of 32 Doors
- Rael Speaks
- Lilywhite Lilith
- The Waiting Room
- Anyway
- Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
- The Lamia
- Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
- The Colony Of Slippermen
- Ravine
- The Light Dies Down On Broadway
- Riding The Scree
- In The Rapids
- It
- The Musical Box (2nd half w/closing credits)
*Total Running time - 1:44:54 Approx.
Supertramp A Rediscovery 1969 - 1979 2DVD set
London, Queen Mary College, Nov. 10, 1977

1. Give A Little Bit
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Lady
4. From Now On
5. Babaji
6. Poor Boy
7. Dreamer
8. Another Man's Woman
9. Fool's Overture
10. Hide In Your Shell

Time: 46.48 approx
There are 3 different versions of QMC each showing a different part of the setlist played that night.  The first 8 songs are from an RFM TV broadcast (Rock Masters version) but left out were the final 2 songs from the setlist which were Fool's Overture and Hide In Your Shell.
Fool's Overture was shown on a BBC Sight & Sound broadcast
Hide In Your Shell was shown on a BBC4 broadcast but this time several earlier songs were left out!
So we took the missing 2 songs from the S&S & BBC4 versions and edited them into the RFM TV version to make for the very first complete version of this show!
Disc 2
Disc 1
Young Music Show, Tokyo, Japan Aug. 26, 1976
This show is not the best quality, but apparently the only footage available of this show.

1. School
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Hide In Your Shell
4. Poor Boy
5. Dreamer
6. Rudy
7. Lady
8. Crime Of The Century
47.39 approx 
Bonus footage includes:
Dreamer - Old Grey Whistle Test 1974
Dreamer - Top Of The Pops 1975
Bloody Well Right - Hammersmith Odeon 1975 - this clip starts off w/bad quality but improves quickly
Babaji - promo 1977
Breakfast In America promo - 1979
The Logical Song promo - 1979
Goodbye Stranger promo - 1979
Additional footage includes concert footage of songs such as School, Even In The Quietest 
Moments, & Take The Long Way Home
Supertramp Portrait 1970  Dec. 14, 1969
Uncovered footage of a young Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies still performing as 'Daddy' in Germany Dec of 1969.  Also the only known footage of original member Richard Palmer on lead guitar and Keith Baker on drums
Recorded at the Apollo Theatre November 8th, 1977.
Video - shot from audience on tripod, B quality
 -  Filming cuts off towards end of Awakening
Audio- audience with some enhancements, B
*Audio note - Most dropouts patched using either snippets from other shows from 1977 tour and barely noticeble.  
- Wonderous Stories which was previously completely ravaged by dropouts has been replaced with version from Boston with enhancements to match Glasgow as much as possible and we believe we succeeded in creating a
MUCH better version than the unwatchable ones that previously existed before this Tommygun Remaster
Going For The One Sessions, Montreux, Switzerland, 1976
Video Quality  - Pro Shot
Audio Quality - B
Audio note - Most dropouts on this video were repaired resulting in a much more pleasant viewing experience than previously this Tommygun Remaster
1 - Firebird Suite
2 - Parallels
3 - I've Seen All Good People
4 - Close To The Edge
5 - Wonderous Stories
6 - Colours Of The Rainbow
7 - Turn Of The Century
8 - Tour Song (It's Good To Be In Scotland)
9 - And You And I
10 - Rick's Trick
11 - Going For The One
12 - Flight Jam
13 - Awaken (cut off at end)

running time approx: 2 hours
1 - Jam Session 
2 - Awaken/Steve jam/Rick follies
3 - Awaken #2
4 - Turn of the Century
5 - Guitar tech rehearsing Awaken
6 - Tour Meeting
7 - Parallels various takes
8 - Positively 4th St/Knockin On Heaven's Door/Bye, Bye Love - Steve/Chris
9 - Going For The One #1
10 - Vevey - Jon/Rick
11 - Alan/Chris jam session
12 - Steve Howe jam session
13 - Masquerade Improv
14 - Wonderous Stories
15 - Going For The One #2
16 - Awaken #3
17 - Parallels instrumental final take

running time approx: 2 hours
Yes Going For The One Tour 1976-1977 Rehearsals & Concert 2DVD set
A series of handheld recordings, made while the band were recording GFTO at Mountain Studios in Montreux in 1976. The video had decent picture quality, but it's not first generatin but has Wonderful insights into the recording, however.
It's fascinating watching Jon work with Rick and engineers on song building for Awaken.
- Fun performance of Positively 4th Street by Chris Squire and Steve Howe
- A must have for the serious Collector
Features video from:
Berkely Community Centre, Jan. 22, 1975
Grand Rapids, MI Feb. 2, 1975
Chicago, IL Feb. 4, 1975
Berlin, Germany Feb. 23, 1975
Bern, Switzerland March 29, 1975
Hamburg, Germany April 8, 1975
Liverpool, UK Empire Theatre, April 17-19, 1975
Kiel, Germany Ostseehalle, May 10, 1975
Rheims, France May 16, 1975
The most complete version of a Lamb Lies Down On Broadway live concert made to date! 

Disc Two
Too Much Time On My Hands
Great White Hope
The Best Of Times
Fooling Yourself
JY Guitar Solo
Miss America
Come Sail Away
Borrowed Time
Half-Penny, Two-Penny
A.D. 1958/Paradise Theatre Tour Credits 
Disc One
A.D. 1928
Rockin' The Paradise
Blue Collar Man
The Grand Illusion
Tommy's Jam
Crystal Ball
Suite Madame Blue
Dennis DeYoung - vocals, keyboards
Chuck Panozzo - bass, vocals
John Panozzo - drums, percussion
Tommy Shaw - vocals, guitars
James "J.Y." Young - vocals, guitars
Styx Live at the Capital Centre - 2DVD set Landover, Maryland, April 13, 1981
*Disc one bonus footage:
in-studio improv for Rockin' The Paradise
* News clip featuring never-before seen Cornerstone tour footage from LA Forum, Dec. 1979
*Disc two bonus footage: Easter Egg in Previews section:
- includes Lights from German TV
- Various other surprise promotional videos
Pro-Shot entire concert from in-house monitor feed, 140 minutes
Pink Floyd Around The World With Pink Floyd 1970-1972 2DVD set
KQED TV performance, April 30, 1970
Recorded at the Fillmore West
- Atom Heart Mother
- Cymbaline
- Grantchester Meadows
- Green Is The Color
- Careful WIth That Axe, Eugene
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
running time 60 minutes approx.
Aphrodite Festival, Hakone, Japan
August 6-7, 1971. Excerpts of:
- Atom Heart Mother - The Arrival
- Echoes - The Fans and the Press
- Saucerful Of Secrets - The Departure
- Footage of Pink Floyd arriving at airport, mingling with fans & press during their memorable 1971 trip to Japan
*Newsreel footage of B+ quality/audio is actual audience recording from Hakone Japan, August 6, 1971
Disc One
Festival de Musique, St. Tropez, France, August 8, 1970
- Soundcheck
- Atom Heart Mother
- The Embryo
- Green Is The Color
- Careful WIth That Axe, Eugene
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
running time 53 minutes 
Disc Two
Around The World With Pink Floyd 1970-1972
*All shows Pro Shot. All shows excellent video & audio qualtiyexcept Hakone which is Newsreel footage
Holland Pop Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
June 28, 1970 - taken from the film Stamping Grounds. Clips of:
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
- Saucerful Of Secrets
ORTF Studios, Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France
December 5, 1970 
untitled instrumental often referred to as 'Corrosion'
Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany
February 25, 1971
excerpt of Atom Heart Mother
Stadhalle, Offenbach, West Germany
February 26, 1971
excerpt of Saucerful Of Secrets
Bonus Footage
- NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of of Pink Floyd at Hyde Park July 18, 1970 performing Atom Heart Mother with The Phillip Jones Brass Ensemble & John Aldiss Choir 
- B&W footage
*timecode blurred out at top of screen for improved viewing
running time 21:30
Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, Australia
August 15, 1971
excerpt of Careful With That Axe, Eugene/Interview
*This is the best video & audio quality of these 2 pieces of prime footage to date!
Total Running time: 58:57
Amsterdam Rock Circus, May 22, 1972
- Atom Heart Mother
- Careful With That Axe, Eugene
- Saucerful Of Secrets
*b&w footage, running time 37 min approx
Genesis In Concert 1974 Selling England tour 2DVD set
DVD 1  (56:46)

1. CHOM-FM Radio Intro/Watcher Of The Skies 
2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
3. The Cinema Show
4. I Know What I Like 
5. Firth Of Fifth 
6. The Musical Box

DVD 2 (42:02)

1. More Fool Me
2. The Battle Of Epping Forest 
3. Supper's Ready
4. CHOM-FM Radio Sign Off
* bonus footage includes video from various cities during the 1974 portion of the Selling England By The Pound Tour. We use many sequences from the following video footage in editing together the full Selling Engand By The Pound show.

1. Torino, Italy - Feb. 3, 1974 - 7:32
2. Rome, Italy - Feb 5, 1974  - 7:39
3. Rochester, NY - April 22, 1974 - 7:34
4. Academy Of Music - May 6, 1974 - 7:34
Artist:       Queen
Venue:      Hammersmith Odeon
Video recording: 64 minutes, professional recording. excellent quality.

- The BBC crew packed their cameras before the second encore, that's why Seven Seas Of Rhye and See What A Fool I've Been are not available on video
- Both Freddie and Brian didn't feel very well that night but this concert (broadcasted on the 'Old Grey Whistle Test' on BBC) has become one of their finest live performances ever.
Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano, tambourine),
Brian May (electric guitar, backing vocals, banjo),
Roger Taylor (drums, backing vocals),
John Deacon (bass guitar, triangle)
Now I'm Here, Ogre Battle, White Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (verses), Killer Queen, The March Of The Black Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise), Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Brighton Rock, Son And Daughter, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar, In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited, Big Spender, Jailhouse Rock, Seven Seas Of Rhye, See What A Fool I've Been, God Save The Queen

* Seven Seas Of Rhye, See What A Fool I've Been, & God Save The Queen are audio only with pictures and slideshows. No video
* Pictures & slideshow were not edited by Tommygun Video

This DVD also includes priceless footage of Queen in Japan during the Sheer Heart Attack tour. The band members are shown here as true heroes received by the japanesse crowd.
Contents include Queen's arrival at Haneda airport, greeting fans, press conference at Prince Hotel in Tokyo, tea ceremony, greetings from Freddie, Brian, Roger, & John. There are also live performances of
- Now I'm Here
- Killer Queen
- In The Lap Of The Gods...revisited
Bonus Footage - Japan May 1, 1975
Medley clip from Queen Live at the Hammersmith 1975 DVD

The very first complete Selling England By The Pound tour concert video with every song in it's entirety. 

Even though the October 1973 Shepperton film is generally regarded as the best quality Selling England by the Pound era film it is only 5 songs and not a complete concert.  There also is the newly remastered amateur  footage from Montreal April 1974. While the quality is now much better than before and having almost every song all songs were still missing many parts and other songs such as The Musical Box & Supper's Ready & Battle Of Epping Forest were missing significant portions.  More Fool Me was only a snippet.

Well similar to what we did with the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and with 2014 being the 40th anniversary of Selling England By The Pound we've patched all the missing parts of the remastered version of the Montreal 1974 footage with scenes from short amateur & pro-shot video clips of shows filmed in other parts of the world to make the very first entire Selling England by the Pound concert with all songs in full.  Again I think you'll enjoy the results.
Essener Pop & Blues Festival Ocotober 11, 1969 DVD

Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
Pro-Shot B&W video, quality - A, Audio quality - A/LPCM Stereo
Total running time 1 hour 26 minutes approx.
Part 1:
- Taste (I Feel So Good)
- Deep Purple (Wring That Neck)
- Keef Hartley Blues Band (Sinnin’ for You)
- The Nice (Hang On to a Dream)
- Pink Floyd (Careful with That Axe Eugene)
- Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (Down, Down and Down)
- The Nice (Country Pie.)

Part 2:
- Deep Purple (Mandrake Root part 2)
- Keef Hartley Blues Band (Rock Me Baby)
- The Nice (Rondo)
- Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (Let It Ride)
- Deep Purple (Mandrake Root part 1)
- Pink Floyd (A Saucerful of Secrets)  
Kansas Live at the Houston Summit December 9, 1980 DVD

Houston, Texas USA
Pro-Shot/Audio Visions Tour/1 Hour, 41 minutes
Video quality - B, Audio quality - B/LPCM mono
01. Opening / Lohengrin
02. Point Of Know Return
03. Icarus - Borne On Wings Of Steel
04. Paradox
05. Hopelessly Human
06. Cheyenne Anthem
07. Dust In The Wind
08. You Think You've Got It Made
09. Mask Of The Great Deceiver
10. Miracles Out Of Nowhere
11. Loner
12. Anything For You
13. Don't Open Your Eyes
14. Got To Rock On
15. No One Together
16. Hold On
17. Relentless
18. Portrait (He Knew)
19. Carry On Wayward Son
View the Essner Pop & Blues Festival 
Boston Live at Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands June 17, 1979 DVD

East Rutherford, NJ
Pro-Shot Color & B/W video, quality A-
Audio quality - A-/LPCM Mono
Rock & Roll Band
Help Me (Shattered Images)
Piece Of Mind
Feelin' Satisfied
Don't Look Back
The Journey
More Than A Feeling/Instrumental
A Man I'll Never Be
Tom Scholz Guitar Solo
This Time
Something About You
Also includes:
- Rare interview with Brad Delp on Canadian music show MuchMusic, December 17, 1988.
- Promotional video for More Than A Feeling HQ audio
The Internationales Essener Pop & Blues Festival was a three-day music festival held 9–11 October 1969 at the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany

This recently discovered footage is a real nice addition for any prog enthusiast's collection because the quality is very, very good and also we see some bands here that had previoulsy had no video footage of them available such as The Keef Hartley Blues Band and rare footage of other bands such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, The Nice, Taste, & more!
This DVD is the only existing video of an complete performance by the original Kansas lineup and add to that the Audio Visions tour would be their last tour that they played together so this is a very important document for Kansas fans.  
While there are some clips of the band here and there from the 70s there is no full concer video of the original lineup that has surface yet.  This is the only one.
Steve Hackett - Live at the Bottom Line 30th September 1980 DVD

Proshot film, digitised from timecoded tape of pre-broadcast masters.

- FIRST version of this concert with NO "ME-95" watermark in middle of picture
- The ONLY existing concert video of Boston in their prime during the 70s.
- Recorded by 4 cameras with 2 camera angles in color and  2 in b&w. 
1   Slogans
2   Every Day
3   The Red Flower Of Tachai
4   Tigermoth
5   Time To Get Out
6   The Steppes (1st part missing)
7   Acoustic Set
8   Kim
9   Narnia
10 Jacuzzi
11 Sentimental Institution
12 Spectral Mornings

13   A Tower Struck Down
14   Clocks
15   Band Introduction
16   The Show
17   It's Now Or Never
18   Please Don't Touch
Steve Hackett's 'Defector' tour, shot at the Bottom Line Club in New York on the 30th of September 1980.

Now, a word or two about the quality of this show. As it is from a pre-broadcast source, there is a timecode at the bottom of the screen throughout, it's translucent so not too intrusive but it is there. After awhile you don't even notice it and that's why we decided to release this video albeit a timecode. 
And a special note about the filming - it is a pro-shot but there only seem to be 2 cameras and the editing isn't the best although there are some split screen effects and basic editing.

The actual quality of the picture is very good but not perfect - I suspect this was originally shot in NTSC but the only available version is PAL so there is some slight haziness in the picture, but I'd rate it a good A even if not reaching A+ standard. Likewise, the sound is not perfect but much better than any of the circulating FM recordings..  All in all we caught Steve Hackett and his band on an exceptional night and the band seem to be enjoying it as well, we're sure you'll enjoy this DVD.
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Masters From The Vaults DVD

- Recorded Live in Zurich, Switzerland, December 4, 1970
1 Barbarian
2 Rondo / Bach Improvisations
3 Drum Solo
4 Nut Rocker
5 Take a Pebble
6 Knife Edge
- Keith Emerson / organ, piano, synthesizer
- Greg Lake / bass, guitar, vocals
- Carl Palmer / drums, percussion 

This is Emerson, Lake & Palmer captured at the very beginning of a legendary career.
Filmed at the time when the band had only just recorded their ground breaking first album, ELP had to use all of their huge individual creative talents to create a full show.
That's what makes this film so special. Extensive improvisation virtuoso playing by Keith Emerson, inventive percussion from Carl Palmer and a bravura performance at the mike by the young Greg Lake, makes this an essential addition to the collection of any fan of the progressive rock era.

- Digitally Remastered for DVD
- 5.1 Dolby Digital
- Silver pressed disc
- Originally broadcast on Belgium TV, 1971
- Recorded live in Zurich, Switzerland
December 4, 1970
*Bonus footage:
Rare performance of Abaddon's Bolero recorded live in Zurich 1973

The Musical Box A Trick Of The Tail Tour 2DVD Set 
Video quality audience source  - overall rating A
audio quality - audience recording - A-

editor's note - 
there is no soundboard recording of the 
Musical Box' Trick Of The Tail Tour in public domain
Disc One
Dance on a Volcano
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Fly on a Windshield
The Carpet Crawlers
The Story of Romeo & Juliet
The Cinema Show
The Story of Harry
Robbery, Assault & Battery
White Mountain
Firth of Fifth

Time - 1:02

Disc 1
01 Introduction
02 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
03 Fly on a Windshield
04 Broadway Melody of 74
05 Cuckoo Cocoon
06 In the Cage
07 The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
08 The Story Of Rael part one
09 Back in NYC
10 Hairless Heart
11 Counting out Time
12 Carpet Crawlers
13 The Chamber of 32 Doors

Disc 2
01 The Story Of Rael part two
02 Lillywhite Lillith
03 The Waiting Room
04 Anyway
05 Here comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist
06 The Lamia
07 Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
08 The Colony of Slippermen
09 Ravine
10 The Light dies down on Broadway
11 Riding the Scree
12 In the Rapids
13 It

14 -the story of Henry and Cynthia
15 The Musical Box
16 Watcher of the Skies
The Musical Box The Lamb Lies Down on Video 2DVD Set 
The Who 
1969 Woodstock & Isle Of Wight performances DVD
*Shakin' All Over at Woodstock was not filmed
Woodstock, August 17, 1969

  Heaven and Hell
  I Can't Explain
  It's a Boy
  Amazing Journey
  Eyesight to the Blind
  Acid Queen - clip
  Pinball Wizard
  The Abbie Hoffman Incident
  Do You Think It's Alright?
  Fiddle About
  There's a Doctor
  Go to the Mirror
  Smash the Mirror
  I'm Free
  Tommy's Holiday Camp
  We're Not Gonna Take It
  See Me, Feel Me
  Summertime Blues
  My Generation
  Naked Eye

The Isle Of Wight August 30, 1969

Heaven and Hell
I Can't Explain
Fortune Teller
Young Man Blues
It's A Boy
Amazing Journey
Eyesight To The Blind
The Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Do You Think It's Alright?
Fiddle About
There's A Doctor
Go To The Mirror
Smash The Mirror
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
Shakin' All Over​
Filmed at The United Center, Chicago, IL September 20 & 21
Additional footage filmed at The Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY October 12 & 13  

Video: Sony HDR-CX520V @ 1920x1080i (AVCHD) > MPEG2 720x480 (16 x 9 widescreen, CBR 8)
Formatted for DVD
Audio: SP-CMC-8 (AT943s) > SP-SPSB-10 > M10 (24/44.1) > FLAC > WAVE (front left, center, and right speakers)

Audio: Mics: DPA 4022, Recorder: Sound Devices 722 (16/44.1K) > FLAC > WAVE (rear speakers and LFE) 
PART ONE: Approx. 58 mins

In The Flesh?
The Thin Ice
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
What Shall We Do Now
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Don't Leave Me Now
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3)
The Last Few Bricks
Goodbye Cruel World

PART TWO: Approx. 53 mins

Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Bring The Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
The Show Must Go On
In The Flesh
Run Like Hell
Waiting For The Worms
The Trial
Outside the Wall
Roger Waters - Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Trumpet
Snowy White - Guitar
Dave Kilminster - Guitar, Banjo
Jon Carin - Keyboards, Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
Harry Waters - Keyboards, Hammond Organ, Accordian
G.E. Smith - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin
Graham Broad - Drums, Percussion, Ukelele
Robbie Wyckoff - Lead Vocals
Jon Joyce - Backing Vocals
Mark Lennon - Backing Vocals
Pat Lennon - Backing Vocals
Kipp Lennon - Backing Vocals
Roger Waters The Wall Live 2010 2DVD Set

Genesis Wot Video? 1977 Wind & Wuthering Tour 2DVD Set
disc one:

1) Rainbow Theatre Jan. 1, 1977 7:43

1. Eleventh Earl Of Mar 2. One For The Vine 3. Your Own Special Way
*Uncirculated lower generation version with improved video & new digital soundtrack.

2) Dallas, Texas March 2, 1977 27:36 (uncirculated version)

This is an alternate version not currently in circulation. This version is closer to the VHS transfer as there are a couple of dropouts not on any other version. The quality is also better than any other version especially starting with Dance On A Volcano an on. Other noticeable differences on this version and not available on the others is a few different stage shots/cuts as well as credits rolling at the end.

1. Firth Of Fifth
2. Dance On A Volcano
3. drum duet
4. Los Endos
5. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Musical Box closing section

 3) Chester Thompson/Phil Collins Interview 4:20 - Toronto March 6, 1977

 This is a 5 minute interview and riffs (no Genesis tracks) by Phil and Chester, apparently just before their Toronto performance March 6, 1977 based on Phil's shirt. The interviewer is Tony Wilson who worked for Granada, the local TV station in Manchester. (He later ran Factory Records which produced all the Madchester bands like Happy Mondays and Stone Roses.)
It is from film, but without an optimal transfer, there are also weird shots of the in-house screens, and a timecode...but still the quality in both audio and video are nice.

4) Los Angeles Forum March 24, 1977 6:55

Again a low gen uncirculated, very nice, hard to find piece of history on film. Decent quality.

Parts of Squonk, One For The Vine, Firth Of Fifth,
Robbery, Assault & Battery, In That Quiet Earth,  
Eleventh Earl Of Mar, Supper’s Ready, Dance On A Volcano

5) Mike Douglas Show, March 29, 1977 8:25

Another hard to find copy not in circulation. A clear version of this program with a time-code at top of screen that once the music starts you barely notice at all. Also comes with a new digitally enhance audio soundtrack. Best version of this film to date.

1. Your Own Special Way 2. Afterglow

6) Sao Paulo, Brazil May 21, 1977 2:14

What appears to be footage taken from local news crew located in the pit. Good quality and another nice historical document of this tour.

I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

7) Isstadion Stockholm, Sweden June 4, 1977 7:27

A very, very good quality film shot with a Chinon Super8mm camera with some very good audio & video remastering. This piece of history has only surfaced recently and again not a common piece of film but one of the better quality film documents of this amazing era.

Parts of Squonk, One For The Vine, & Firth Of Fifth

8) Earls Court, London, June 25, 1977 16:42
*Digitally enhanced w/new FM broadcast audio. This is pretty well known bootleg footage and also infamous for it's awfully bad video & horrible audio quality. I've digitally enhanced the video with Final Cut Pro and while you can't do too much with this without the the original reels at least there is now more disparity between blacks and mid colors resulting in an improved image. And with the new soundboard FM radio broadcast this previously much maligned film is much easier to watch now and a very enjoyable piece of history.

Parts of One For The Vine, Firth Of Fifth, In That Quiet Earth,
Afterglow, I Know What I Like, Supper’s Ready
Dance On A Volcano, Los Endos

disc two

The 8 pieces of film from disc one edited together to create a 1977 Wind and Wuthering concert experience! Although there is not enough footage to rebuild an entire Wind and Wuthering show there is certainly enough to create a highlight film that runs long (over an hour) with many long filmed son and some full songs as well! The purpose of making this movie was to recreate the feeling of watching an actual live Wind and Wuthering concert. Which is something that is currently not available to the public or is even known to exist on film. With this film I feel I've temporarily filled that void for now. I am sure you will enjoy it and if you in attendance at one of these sure I hope to bring it back to life for you. I feel confident that this objective has been achieved.

The very first 1977 Wind and Wuthering concert tour highlight film!

Setlist includes highlights from:

1. Squonk
2. One For The Vine
3. Robbery, Assault, & Battery
4. Your Own Special Way
5. Firth Of Fifth
6. In That Quiet Earth
7. Afterglow
8, I Know What I Like
9. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
10. All In A Mouses Night
11. Supper’s Ready
12. Dance On A Volcano
13. drum duet
14. Los Endos
15. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/
The Musical Box closing section

Total running time 65:33

Disc Two
Supper' Ready
I Know What I Like
Los Endos
Watcher of the Skies

Time - 53:00
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JETHRO TULL - The Making Of Thick As A Brick DVD
There is no DVD in any market that addresses the original 1972/73 Thick As A Brick tour. Why now? In  2016 is the first? Who knows. But Tommygun Video noticed there was nothing in any market and once again has taken action.
Unlike The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway which has a very good amount of footage to work with when I recreated it, this is not the case with the original Thick As A Brick tour. There is limited footage (although there is MORE than enough footage to recreate an entire show but it is being withheld but that's another story for another time)
to work with this time and rather than fill in many, many minutes of missing footage with creative use of photos, etc., I decided the best way to present this footage as one continuous concert was to produce it as a concert documentary with commentary from Ian Anderson, Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, & Martin Barre.  They tell us many interesting stories on how this legendary album was made as the concert plays out.
Why it took 44 years to present this remarkable, legendary show in concert as a documentary is beyond us. But again, it takes Tommygun Video to notice these things and even though we may get some criticism we feel we MUST do this. Why? Simply because no one else will do it! 

I highly recommend this collector's item DVD for anyone who attended the original tour or anyone who enjoys collecting rare footage of any kind from some of the most famous tours that were never captured professionally on film or tours where the amateur footage is being witheld by certain individualsfrom public viewing, or whatever the reasons may be.  And if any more footage were to surface in the coming months, years and there is enough to put together the entire show, unedited, from beginning to end, then Tommygun Video will do just that.
DVD contents:
The Making Of Thick As A Brick - 37:00
Includes commentary from Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, Martin Barre, & Ian Anderson.
Also for the very first time on video in any format this DVD includes the very first attempt at recreating a full Thick As A Brick concert from 1972/73 tour!
Cincinnati, Ohio May 9, 1972 - 7:40
Buffalo & Rochester, NY - October 13-14, 1972 - 6:33
Ian Anderson interview - Australian TV, 1972 - 7:59
Bologna, Italy, Palaspart March 19, 1973 - 9:11
Childhood Heroes - 1973 - 5:35
Passion Play/TAAB - Rochester, NY & Toronto, Canada 1973 - 8:52

About 15 minutes of menu music audio from a very rare Thick As A Brick concert at The Los Angeles Forum, June 23, 1972
GENESIS - 1978 Mirrors Project 2Dvd Set
Disc #1:
1 Intro
2 Eleventh Earl Of Mar
3 In The Cage
4 Burning Rope
5 Ripples
6 Deep In The Motherlode
7 One For The Vine
8 Squonk

Disc #2:
9 Phil Talking
10 Say It's Alright Joe
11 The Lady Lies
12 The Cinema Show/In That Quiet Earth
13 Afterglow
14 Follow You, Follow Me
15 Dance On A Volcano
16 Drum Duet
17 Los Endos
18 1 I Know What I Like

The latest in our concert recreation series. 
We hope you enjoy our reproducing of the Genesis 1978 Mirrors tour for the album And Then There Were Three. We used both fan filmed amateur footage from all over the world (mainly of very good to excellent quality! and old professionally shot footage from Japan, France, & Knebworth to recreate a typical 1978 Mirrors/And Then There Were Three tour. Virtually no stills or animation is used. This concert is practically all video footage. Lots of great shots, concert runs excellent and we are confident you will enjoy this one.  I find a warm "movie" picture setting for your TV is best for optimal viewing. Audio is A+ Soundboard from Chicago, October 13, 1978.
Bonus footage included!

A complete And Then There Were Three (Mirrors) Tour concert produced for DVD for the very first time!
View DVD Trailer!
Video clips from our YouTube channel
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Queen Hammersmith Odeon, Dec. 25, 1975 DVD
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Jethro Tull Live At The Capital Centre 2DVD Set
November 21, 1977
Ian Anderson – vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, cymbals, whistles
Martin Barre – electric guitar
John Evan – piano, organ, synthesisers
David Palmer – piano, portative pipe organ, synthesisers
John Glascock – bass guitar, vocals
Barriemore Barlow – drums, marimba, glockenspiel, bells, nakers, tabor, flute
1. Wond’ring Aloud
2. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
3. Jack-In-The-Green
4. Thick As A Brick
5. Songs From The Wood
6. Instrumental/ Drum Solo
7. To Cry You A Song
8. A New Day Yesterday
9. Flute Solo/God Rest Ye Gentlemen/Bouree/A New Day Yesterday
10. Living In The Past /A New Day Yesterday (reprise)

12. Velvet Green
13. Hunting Girl
14. Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die
15.Minstrel In The Gallery
16. Cross-Eyed Mary
17. Aqualung
18. Martin Barre Guitar Solo/Wind Up
19. Back Door Angels / Guitar Improvisation /Wind Up (reprise)
20. Locomotive Breath/Land Of Hope And Glory/ Back Door Angels (reprise)

Beethoven’s Ninth (with original audio) Capital Centre, Nov. 21, 1977
8mm footage from the Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY, Nov. 24, 1977
8mm footage from Madison Square Garden, NYC, Nov. 30, 1977
Live at the Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland on November 21 1977 mixed to 16/48 stereo LPCM. This footage has never been publicly seen before. The concert venue was the home for Washington Wizards basketball team, then known as Washington Bullets – so the video footage comes directly from the film that was played to the big screens in the venue during the show and has since been seen nowhere else.
Contains 2 audio CDs/1 DVD
Features performances of:
- entire Animals album
- entire Wish You Were Here album ​
Disc 1:
1. Sheep 11:25
2. Pigs On The Wing (Part1) 2:15
3. Dogs 18:43
4. Pigs On The Wing (Part2) 3:25
5. Pigs (3 Different Ones) 17:47
6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5) 13:08
7. Welcome To The Machine 8:14
Total Time: 65:54 approx

Disc 2:
2. Have A Cigar 6:46
3. Wish You Were Here 6:10
4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) 22:40
5. Money 10:38
6. Us And Them 7:52
7. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 10:18
Total Time: 70:44 approx ​
DVD contents:

In The Flesh Tour - 1977
- Pigs On A Wing promo for Animals - Dec, 1976
- Stadhalle, Vienna, Austria, February 1, 1977
- TV Commercial for Animals - circa 1977
- Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany - March 1, 1977
- Anaheim Stadium, Los Angeles, CA - May 7, 1977
- Behind The Comvers With Storm Thorgerson - Animals
Total Time - 38:51 minutes
Pink Floyd live 1975-1977 bonus DVD
- This concert has the distinction of being one of the best recorded from Pink Floyd’s In The Flesh 1977 US tour. The clarity and balance makes it possible to hear every note played perfectly and even the giggles between Roger Waters and David Gilmour in “Have A Cigar”
- This would be the last time "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" would ever be played live.
Wish You Were Here/North American Tour - 1975
- Conceptual Video for Wish You Were Here album
- Los Angeles Sports Arena, CA, April 27, 1975
- Welcome To The Machine - promotional video - 1975
- Wish You Were Here - song promo - undated
Total Time - 34:10 

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Genesis Live at the Lyceum Theatre May 6, 1980 DVD
Disc Two of Genesis 
Six Hours Live 2DVD Set
can also be purchased separately for

This is a very rare DVD set with very limited availability.

Disc One
1) Hyde Park free concert, July 5, 1969
Special AUDIO ONLY segment for DVD

No video currently exists for the entire King Crimson Hyde Park 1969 set but was still included because of it's important historical significance as it was their very first large venue. Also not to mention a great performance!
Audience recording - A sound

1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
2. In The Court Of The Crimson King
3. Get Thy Bearings
4. Epitaph
5. Mantra
6. Travel Weary Capricorn
7. Mars
Running time 39:23

Bonus Video:
King Crimson & The People Of Hyde Park - 5:22
21st Century Schizoid Man
*The only exisiting footage from this historical concert

2) The Beat Club, October 17, 1972
1. Improv: The Rich Tapestry Of Life
2. Exiles
3. Larks Tongue In Aspic pt. 1
- 41:06

3) Interview, Pop Deux TV, April 9, 1973
1st time available w/english subtitles
- 6:16

2) The Beat Club, October 17, 1972
1. Improv: The Rich Tapestry Of Life
2. Exiles
3. Larks Tongue In Aspic pt. 1
- 41:06

4) Wollman Memorial Skating Rink
Central Park, New York, June 25, 1973
1. Easy Money
2. Easy Money Jam
3. Credits/Larks Tongue In Aspic pt. 2 clip
- 13:27

5) Montreal Forum, May 5, 1973
Rare home footage mixed with additional footage from 1974 (unknown venue)
- 21st Century Schizoid Man
- 4:48

Disc Two

1) Melody TV, March 22, 1974
1. Larks Tongue In Aspic pt. 2
2. Fripp solo
3. The Night Watch
4. Lament
5. Starless
- 29:12

2) Frippertronics - Midnight Special
October 5, 1979
Rober Fripp with rare TV appearance on the old Midnight Special
- 3:56

3) Fridays TV Show - December 4, 1981
1. Elephant Talk
2. Thela Hun Ginjeet
- 9:32

4) Munich Germany, August 29, 1982
1. The Waiting Man
2. Matte Kudasei
3. Sheltering Sky
4. Neal & Jack & Me
5. Indiscipline
6. Heartbeat
- 41:192
King Crimson "Eras" 1969-1982 DVD set
Current members
Denis Gagné
François Gagnon
Sébastien Lamothe
Ian Benhamou
Bob St-Laurent

Disc One
1. Watcher Of The Skies
2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
3. The Cinema Show
4. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
5. Firth Of Fifth
6. The Musical Box
7. More Fool Me

Disc Two
7. Horizons
8. The Battle Of Epping Forest
9. Supper's Ready
10. The Knife
Finally it's here!! We've released The Musical Box The Genesis Of A Tribute Band DVD, Live At The Montreal Spectrum 1995 (Trespass Tour), A Trick Of The Tail Tour, & The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Tours DVDs. And now we've finally produced a Selling England By The Pound Tour 2DVD Set! We've covered the history of the SEBTP Tour by TMB from 2004-2017 by editing together cell phone video taken by fans across the world over a period of 13 years. Almost every Musical Box member can be seen. If this 2DVD set doesn't motivate you to go see The Musical Box if you haven't seen them already, than nothing will.
- Video is from multiple sources all over the world and ranges from very good to excellent quality! It's funny that in some of the grainier cell phone video recorded the band looks more like Genesis due to the quality of the video!
- As usual all of our concert recreation videos are professionally synced perfectly with the audio.
- Please note that we had to use a audience recorded audio since no soundboard audio of a COMPLETE Musical Box concert is in circulation at this time. 
- Audio Notes: Very good quality audio from the crowd but there are a couple of glitches I should mention. During I Know What I LIke I had to replace part of a verse with audio from another show due to very loud static in some portions. The band has some mic issues during the vocals for The Battle Of Epping Forest. Occasionally you may hear the voice of the filmer and the sounds of him moving around but all in all it doesn't take away from the show as this is an amazing performance DVD for COLLECTORS who appreciate rare recordings. This DVD Set also is a promotional tool for hardcore fans who have not seen TMB yet or simply want to enjoy their true-to-life performances from the comfort of their own living rooms for the very first time.
- Audio for all songs (except Horizons, Supper's Ready, & The Knife) from Oslo Konserthus, March 3, 2007
- Horizons audio - Prattein, Switzerland, November 23, 2014
- Supper's Ready audio - Loreley, Germany "Night Of Prog" Festival, July 17, 2016
- The Knife - Quebec City 2007

Past members
Michel Cloutier
François Richard
Guillaume Courteau
Denis Champoux
Éric Savard
Christian Hebert
Martin Levac
Pierre Veilleux
Marc Léveillé
André Lépine
David Myers
Gregg Bendian
Marc Laflamme
Guillaume Rivard
Actual screen shots from TMB SEBTP 2DVD Set
The Musical Box - Selling England By The Years 2DVD Set

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Jethro Tull 1979 North American Tour 2DVD Set 40th Anniversary Edition!
Audio Track:
Excellent A+ Audience: 160 LPCM STEREO, 48 kHz, 1.54 Mbps

Video Tracks:
Pro Shot and 8mm: 224 MPEG-2, 720 × 480, 16:9, 29.97 fps, 8.00 Mbps, progressive 

Ian Anderson vocals, flute, bamboo flute, guitar 
Martin Barre guitar, mandolin
John Evan keyboards
John Glascock bass, vocals
Barriemore Barlow drums, percussion
David Palmer keyboards

Disc One

01. No Lullaby

02 Sweet Dream

03. One Brown Mouse

04. Band Introductions

05. Heavy Horses

06. My God > Ian solo (God Rest Ye > Kelpie > Bouree

07. One White Duck > Pibroch > Songs From the Wood

Disc Two

08. Dark Ages

09. Instrumental (with drums)

10. Cross=Eyed Mary

11. Thick as a Brick

12 Quatrain > Aqualung

13. Locomotive Breath > Dambusters March > Aqualung (reprise)

Filmed at the following venues:
The Selland Arena, Fresno, Ca. April 4, 1979
The Dee Events Center, Ogden, Utah April 6, 1979
The Mini Dome, Pocatello, Idaho April 7, 1979
The Metra, Billings, MT April 8, 1979
The Coliseum, Seattle, WA April 10, 1979
The Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia April 11, 1979
The Portland Memorial Coliseum, Oregon April 12, 1979
The Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada April 14, 1979
The Stampede Coral, Calgary, Alberta, Canada April 15, 1979

The only complete Jethro Tull concert from the decade of the 70s on DVD!
DVD Catalog listed in Alphabetical Order
Disc one:
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Obscured By Clouds/When You're In
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Time: 52:08
Disc two: DSOTM
Speak To Me
On the Run
Great Gig In The Sky
Us And Them
Any Color You Like
Brain Damage/Eclipse
One Of These Days
Time: 52:22
The very first time a full Pink Floyd DSOTM Concert from the 70S has ever been released on video
We reassembled all the known 8mm amateur footage & pro shot clips, along with footage 
from the Brighton Dome, June 28, 1972 and synced them to one audio track to reproduce 
as best as possible the actual experience of seeing a live Pink Floyd DSOTM 
 concert in the seventies
Click to view Pink Floyd DSOTM 
Tour 2 DVD Set Trailer!