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The Making Of Thick As A Brick 1972-1973 DVD

There is no DVD in any market that addresses the original 1972/73 Thick As A Brick tour. Why now in  2016 is the first? Who knows. But Tommygun Video noticed there was nothing in any market and once again has taken action.
Unlike The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway which has a very good amount of footage to work with, this is not the case with the original Thick As A Brick tour. There is limited footage to work with at this time and rather than fill in many, many minutes of missing footage with creative use of photos, graphics,etc., we decided the best way to present this footage as one continuous concert was to produce it as a concert documentary with commentary from Ian Anderson, Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, & Martin Barre.  They tell us many interesting stories on how this legendary album was made as the DVD plays out.
I highly recommend this collector's item DVD for anyone who attended the original tour.  Or anyone who enjoys collecting rare footage of any kind from some of the most famous tours that were never captured professionally on film.  And if any more footage were to surface in the coming months, years and there is enough to put together the entire show, unedited, from beginning to end, then we'll get back to work and create a new DVD.
DVD contents:
The Making Of Thick As A Brick - 37:00
Includes commentary from Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, Martin Barre, & Ian Anderson.
Also for the very first time on video in any format this DVD includes the very first attempt at recreating a full Thick As A Brick concert from 1972/73 tour!
Cincinnati, Ohio May 9, 1972 - 7:40
Buffalo & Rochester, NY - October 13-14, 1972 - 6:33
Ian Anderson interview - Australian TV, 1972 - 7:59
Bologna, Italy, Palaspart March 19, 1973 - 9:11
Childhood Heroes - 1973 - 5:35
Passion Play/TAAB - Rochester, NY & Toronto, Canada 1973 - 8:52

About 15 minutes of menu music audio from a very rare Thick As A Brick concert at The Los Angeles Forum, June 23, 1972
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