Disc One
1 Intro
2 Eleventh Earl Of Mar
3 In The Cage
4 Burning Rope
5 Ripples
6 Deep In The Motherlode
7 One For The Vine
8 Squonk

Genesis The 1978 Mirrors Project 2DVD Set

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We hope you enjoy our reproducing of the Genesis 1978 Mirrors tour for the album And Then There Were Three. We used both fan filmed amateur footage from all over the world (mainly of very good to excellent quality! and old professionally shot footage from Japan, France, & Knebworth to recreate a typical 1978 Mirrors/And Then There Were Three tour. Virtually no stills or animation is used. This concert is practically all video footage. Lots of great shots, we are confident you will enjoy this one. I find a warm "movie" picture setting for your TV is best for optimal viewing. Audio is A+ Soundboard from Chicago, October 13, 1978.
The Cinema Show
In The Cage
Disc Two:
9 Phil Talking
10 Say It's Alright Joe
11 The Lady Lies
12 The Cinema Show/In That Quiet Earth
13 Afterglow
14 Follow You, Follow Me
15 Dance On A Volcano
16 Drum Duet
17 Los Endos
18 1 I Know What I Like‚Äč