Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Masters From The Vaults DVD

1 Barbarian
2 Rondo / Bach Improvisations
3 Drum Solo
4 Nut Rocker
5 Take a Pebble
6 Knife Edge
- Keith Emerson / organ, piano, synthesizer
- Greg Lake / bass, guitar, vocals
- Carl Palmer / drums, percussion 

This is Emerson, Lake & Palmer captured at the very beginning of a legendary career.
Filmed at a time when the band had only just recorded their ground breaking first album, ELP had to use all of their huge individual creative talents to create a full show.
That's what makes this film so special. Extensive improvisation virtuoso playing by Keith Emerson, inventive percussion from Carl Palmer and a bravura performance at the mike by the young Greg Lake, makes this an essential addition to the collection of any fan of the progressive rock era.

- Digitally Remastered for DVD
- 5.1 Dolby Digital
- Silver pressed disc
- Originally broadcast on Belgium TV, 1971
- Recorded live in Zurich, Switzerland, December 4, 1970
*Bonus footage:
Rare performance of Abaddon's Bolero recorded live in Zurich 1973

Recorded Live in Zurich, Switzerland, December 4, 1970
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