The Musical Box 
Selling England Tour 2DVD Set

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Current members
Denis Gagné
François Gagnon
Sébastien Lamothe
Ian Benhamou
Bob St-Laurent

Disc One
1. Watcher Of The Skies
2. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
3. The Cinema Show
4. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
5. Firth Of Fifth
6. The Musical Box
7. More Fool Me

Disc Two
7. Horizons
8. The Battle Of Epping Forest
9. Supper's Ready
10. The Knife
- Video is from multiple sources all over the world and ranges from very good to excellent quality! It's funny that in some of the grainier cell phone video recorded the band looks more like Genesis due to the quality of the video!
- As usual all of our concert recreation videos are professionally synced perfectly with the audio.
- Please note that we had to use a audience recorded audio since no soundboard audio of a COMPLETE Musical Box concert is in circulation at this time. 
- Audio Notes: Very good quality audio from the crowd but there are a couple of glitches I should mention. During I Know What I LIke I had to replace part of a verse with audio from another show due to very loud static in some portions. The band has some mic issues during the vocals for The Battle Of Epping Forest. Occasionally you may hear the voice of the filmer and the sounds of him moving around but all in all it doesn't take away from the show as this is an amazing performance DVD for COLLECTORS who appreciate rare recordings. This DVD Set also is a promotional tool for hardcore fans who have not seen TMB yet or simply want to enjoy their true-to-life performances from the comfort of their own living rooms for the very first time.
- Audio for all songs (except Horizons, Supper's Ready, & The Knife) from Oslo Konserthus, March 3, 2007
- Horizons audio - Prattein, Switzerland, November 23, 2014
- Supper's Ready audio - Loreley, Germany "Night Of Prog" Festival, July 17, 2016
- The Knife - Quebec City 2007
Past members
Michel Cloutier
François Richard
Guillaume Courteau
Denis Champoux
Éric Savard
Christian Hebert
Martin Levac
Pierre Veilleux
Marc Léveillé
André Lépine
David Myers
Gregg Bendian
Marc Laflamme
Guillaume Rivard